street samurai



High Pain Tolerance (resist 1 box)

Quick Healer (-2TN Healing tests)

Perceptive (-1TN Perception tests)

Photographic Memory

Double Jointed (-1TN Escape Artist)


Combat Monster (3 turns to break away unless all dead or will(6) test)

Impulsive (Will-6 test to avoid impulse)

Hunted (6 points-super nasty corp hunted)

Uncouth (+2TN Social tests)


Angel is a wired up Street Samurai in the greatest tradition of the term. Her reflexes are terrifyingly quick, her skills with firearms and hand-to-hand combat are undeniable, and her physical prowess is impressive. Unfortunately, she is also brusque, impulsive, and quick to violence. Once she gets in the midst of battle, she finds it almost impossible to stop fighting until all her opponents are dead. This mix of personality traits has prevented her from truly advancing into the ranks of high-nuyen shadowrunners, as a loose cannon is always a potential liability. Only time will show if she can rein herself in enough to make her career as lucrative as it should be.

After killing

a spider, how lonely I feel

in the cold of night.


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