What Have we Here?

A living campaign with a plastic, yet coherent, metaplot. I’m hoping to pull from nearly every aspect of what I love about Shadowrun and link it all in to this campaign at some point. Not every gaming session will be specifically tied in to the overall story arc of the campaign, but I hope to keep the party working towards something by applying external pressures and forcing them to act in their own best interests.

Recently decided to convert the campaign from 3rd to 5th edition. I’m pretty fast and loose with rules, sticking mostly just to the spirit of them rather than the rock-solid rote canon for every situation.

I take my own liberties with the Shadowrun timeline in my campaign, largely because I want my characters to experience certain things themselves. Although this campaign begins in early August, 2060, certain events in the timeline have not taken place as outlined in the Shadowrun canon. Most notably, the Renraku arcology shutdown has not happened. I also reserve the right to invoke the Mob and Corp Wars, and am keeping the current disposition of the major megacorps that are drastically affected by the Corp war intentionally vague in case I decide I feel like making that stuff go down on my watch. Dunkelzahn’s election and assassination have, however, taken place, and his Will could easily raise its scaly head at several different points throughout the campaign.


Building a Better Yesterday

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