The SOTA Shoppe

1364 184th St.

The SOTA Shoppe is a high-end boutique-style computer store that caters to the highest strata of layman computer user and crosses over into the base level of professional and decker-quality gear. SOTA is an acronym for State of the Art, the common term in the shadow community for the newest and most advanced technology available.

The Shoppe is one of several small shop fronts in a wall of commercial buildings that encompasses a blocks-long strip in the downtown sprawl. Its neighboring business are similar to it in that they are specialized enough or simply good enough that they have managed to survive competition by the major omni-mart chains that encompass virtually the entire retail environment. The SOTA Shoppe also shares another commonality of survival with some of them; it is, to a certain extent, a front for an entirely different business that takes place on the upper level.

Someone is using the upper floor of the SOTA Shoppe to house an extremely advanced laboratory for the development of bleeding-edge new chip technology. The PC’s of BaBY are hired to break into this secret laboratory as their first job after being thrown together as a team by Carlos Broadhead. They are tasked with locating information on a research program labeled NYH.

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The SOTA Shoppe

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