The Drunken Stag

2842 Monroe Pkwy

Irish pub owned and operated by Donbo, a former member of the Blood Gutter Boys. Located at 2842 Monroe Pkwy in Renton, just south of the “Five-Teen Slant,” it is mostly frequented by working-class people from Renton who fuel the massive commercial business that is the economic lifeblood of the district. Teamsters, Laborers, and people who work retail and maintenance jobs in the many Renton shopping malls make up the majority of the clientele, many of them of some sort of Celtic ancestry, but VERY few of them elves. Due to the volatile racial prejudices of the elven Irish regime in Tir Na n’Og, many Celtic-descended locals who are NOT elven enjoy the ironic satisfaction of a nice traditional pub like they would find in the “old country” that happens to be owned and operated by a fearsome-looking Fomori Troll.

Some members and former members of the Blood Gutter Boys drop in to the Stag from time to time, but they know better than to cause trouble if and when they do show up. Donbo does not tolerate disturbances in the pub. Shadowrunners and others in the biz whom he knows have tacit permission to conduct the occasional meeting there, with an unspoken agreement that it not be a regular affair and that everyone respect the “no shenanigans” rule.

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The Drunken Stag

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