Seattle Security and Surveillance

Seattle Security & Surveillance (SSS) is a company whose name pretty well describes its function. A relatively small corp, it serves as a combination personal security detail and private stakeout service, specializing in technological and mundane security measures such as electronic intrusion monitoring, automated drones and cameras, and live bodyguards and surveillance personnel. They have a small number of astral security specialists, but it is the least developed facet of their business plan.

SSS was contracted by Daniel Etsu to stake out a known residence of the BaBY crew member Angel after it had burned and to contact him if she or any of her teammates surfaced at the building.

A firefight between Angel and some SSS operatives provided a distraction which allowed Vinnie Cap and Mindcrime to subdue and interrogate one of the surveillance operatives, which is how they obtained Daniel Etsu’s name and the number that was to be used to contact him. Endymion tried to defuse the combat situation with Angel, but merely distracted further operatives that appeared to be separate from the SSS personnel who were also responding to the altercation. Angel defeated all of the agents who responded to their presence before Endymion persuaded her to flee the scene.

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Seattle Security and Surveillance

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