BaBY is rife with fleshy NPCs, several of whom are retired or simply dormant player characters of mine and my friends. I try to give all of the NPCs some sort of life that’s interesting and viable, so it’s not as easy for the players to spot the important ones standing out in a crowd of poorly fleshed-out cardboard cutout NPCs. This catalog of the NPCs involved in the campaign is by no means complete, and will be fleshed out as I get around to collating old material, and as new characters come into the game.

There are two major groups of NPCs that the characters will encounter: Antagonists and (Potential) Contacts. Both will be detailed below. Others will be slotted into an Unknown slot as they appear, until such time as the party can determine their place in the campaign.

Antagonists—Characters who have demonstrated that they are out to damage the runners or their business in some way.

(Potential) Contacts—Characters who are sympathetic to the runners; they can be contacted without fear of hostility and potentially cultivated into future contacts, if they are not character contacts already.

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