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Building a Better Yesterday

A handful of green shadowrunners come together for a job. Simple on the surface, the job swiftly becomes more complicated than they could ever have imagined. Suddenly, these four strangers find themselves thrown into the crucible of Seattle’s darkest shadows together. Each with their own past, their own secrets, and their own motivations, they must decide whether they scatter and flee from the threats that loom over them, or whether they can become a team, and work together to face the dangers together, whatever they turn out to be.


The Players

The PC’s in this campaign are brought together for their first mission, all as relative newbies in the Seattle shadowrunning scene. They share a similar contact, who turns them on to a small job that ends up mushrooming into a catastrophe with far-reaching aftereffects. Will they stick it out together? Only time will tell.

Content Not Found: Endymion – The pacifist moon shaman from Tir na nOg

Content Not Found: Mindcrime – The nearly burned-out Otaku chiphead

Angel – The volatile, wired-up street samurai

Vinnie Cap – The streetwise bruiser with eyes and ears everywhere

Fox – Former Razorhead with a bushido mentality

Elf Rigger

Saki Yamato

troll street sam


BaBY takes place primarily in Seattle…for now. It’s certainly the “home base” of the runner group and the activity it is currently undertaking, but there is no way of knowing where it may take them before the job is done. They will certainly be darting all around the various well-known locales of Seattle as outlined in two decades worth of source material, along with a few more places created just for the campaign.

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