The mercenary health insurance company of the 6th world, DocWagon offers various packages for coverage against health emergencies that can prove vital to shadowrunners. They offer their clients wrist-phones that have a sealed, direct channel to call for help, and in the case of Super-Platinum accounts, bio-monitors that keep track of key vital signs at all times, and automatically transmit a distress signal to the company if the covered individual suffers an injury requiring their immediate care.

One of the most appealing facets of DocWagon’s service (particularly for shadowrunners) is the guaranteed ten-minute response window (or your medical care is free!) and the availability of High-Threat Response (HTR) service. In short, if you are in a firefight, and are severely wounded, you can call DocWagon and they’ll come barreling into the mix, guns blazing, to extract you. This service comes at a steep price, however, for all but the highest-echelon contracts.

There are four services packages available from DocWagon, as follows:

  • Basic service—Is exactly like it sounds
  • Gold service—One free resuscitation per year, 50% off HTR service, 10% off extended care
  • Platinum service—Four free resuscitations per year, free HTR service (employee death compensation still applies), 50% off extended care
  • Super-platinum service—Five free resuscitations per year, Free HTR and extended care, employee death compensation waived, bio-monitor wristband included. _______

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