Dante's Inferno

5th Ave. & Madison St.

Dante’s is the archetypical Seattle club. It’s the most chaotic, audacious, gaudy spectacle of a nightclub that has likely ever existed. The ostentatious nature of the club makes is an ideal place for shadow business to take place. Among the many benefits of Dante’s is the sheer chaos of the atmosphere, the fact that anyone fits in among the eclectic clientele, and the incredibly well-known airtight security.

For the well-funded, the management of Dante’s offers “private party rooms” for rent, which more often than not are used to conduct shadow biz meetings. These rooms can be monitored for security purposes, or kept completely free of prying eyes and ears for the same reasons, depending on the arrangement with the management.

The primary drawback to using Dante’s as a meeting place is that it is well known as a Shadowrunner business center. Because of this, it is crawling with bounty hunters, corp spies, and wannabes, all who have their own reasons to unnerve a runner. Because of this notoriety, quite a few Shadowrunners have started to treat Dante’s as a “newbie” spot for business and shy away from it whenever they are able.

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Dante's Inferno

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