Al's Place

27 Robinson Ave

Al’s Place is a quiet little working-class bar near the border between Auburn and Tacoma off Highway 167. The owner, Alonzo Realto, opened the place as a quiet way to retire from a hard couple of decades as a dockworker, and was surprised to find that within a couple of years, the working class stiffs he had expected to draw were nearly matched by a small but regular contingent of shadowrunners who favored the location and relative solitude that Al’s Place offered.

The bar doesn’t offer back rooms or particularly private booths, but the regulars all know how to keep their noses in their own drinks, and Al makes sure that any new fish that may happen to wander in whilst a bit of biz is underway understand that’s how it should remain. He’s not exactly facilitating shadowrunner business, but he does an outstanding job of looking the other way. This is probably partially because most honorable runners toss Al a LARGE tip when a piece of biz that’s set up in his place turns out well.

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Al's Place

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