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  • Daniel Etsu

    Daniel Etsu is a contact at Blazing Horizons, Inc. who subcontracted SSS to surveil Angel's residence and contact him if she or her team should appear. Nothing else is currently known about him.

  • Mister Johnson (Overexcited Variety)

    All that is currently known about this Johnson is that there is more to him than meets the eye. Upon first meeting him, the party got the impression that he was very new at what he was doing, using exaggerated cloak-and-dagger terminology and parlor …

  • Charles Glasswalker

    Charles is a fairly stereotypical corp executive type, having grown up with privilege and graduating from college into a fast-tracked career in the corporate world. Shortly after his promotion to CEO of VisionCrafters Optics, a competitor tried to enact …

  • Nelson Brand

    Nelson Brand is the agent for the highly-acclaimed experimental rock group Shield Wall. He is an partner in the multinational talent agency Brand, Carlisle, and Johansson, and manages several other prominent celebrities in the entertainment biz, …