Vinnie Cap

Dwarf streetwise resource man.


Name: Vincent Capri
Aliases: Vinnie Cap, Vinnie Cent

BOD | 4 (5)

QUI | 4

STR | 3 (5)

CHA | 6

INT | 4

WILL | 4 (5)

ESS | 3.9


Pistols | 5

Shotguns | 3

SMG | 1

Clubs | 2

Unarmed Combat | 2

Demolitions | 2

Edges & Flaws

College Education (1)
Perceptive (3)
Friendly Face (1)

Impulsive (2)


“The problem here is a lack of communication, so I’m not gonna lie, I kinda feel like shooting you.”

Vinnie Cap has only been running the shadows for a few years, but it’s clear that whatever his previous life may have been, it involved the criminal street element. Vinnie has safehouses all over the city, knows people in every district of Seattle, and has fingers and feelers all over the Sprawl. Despite his tendency to use his keen observational skills and sources of information to get what he needs, it would be a mistake to underestimate his physical capabilities. Vinnie is competent with a wide variety of firearms and knows how to use a baseball bat to find out what he needs to know. His short, stout frame houses compact strength and a penetrating glare . If you want to find something out, Vinnie Cap is a good man to call to locate the person who knows it and extract the information.

A former officer of Lone Star, you can’t really label Vinnie as “Gone Bad”, more as though he saw through the misconceptions. With all the corruption and greed, he finally realized at least the “bad guys” had no misunderstandings about where they stood in the grand scheme of things.

To say Vinnie is green to running, would probably be a gross understatement. He’s more of a teal, a glowing neon teal. But his former contacts and resources still stand strong, and may actually be more of a benefit now that he doesn’t have to worry about a badge holding him back when trying to get in touch with the latest buzz.

With a family still on the up and up, it’s been very hard for Vinnie to break ties with his former life, but he does his best as he knows his ex-partner Carl Pewtrowski will do right by his people.

Building a Better Yesterday Notes

-Vinnie came into the situation reluctantly, but has since then begun to push forward with his new associates and put his trust in them while insisting they do the same. They are already outgunned in this situation, and he realizes the necessity of having a someone you can trust to watch your back.

-The SOTA Shop…after helping access the upstairs of the shop, discovering the secret laboratory, and realizing their folly in being unable to retrieve the security footage he decided that it would be the last time he made contact with his family after checking to make sure they were still ok.

-The incident at Angel’s…he was leery going in and after trusting his instinct and checking good surveillance points it lead to the successful apprehension of their first solid lead as to who may be after them. Upon exiting the scene more than a dozen Corp enforcers showed up, including a Magic User, and it became clear this wasn’t some small time project they were mixed in with. He managed to escape out a side street and hop a cab back to the safe house with the “prisoner” in tow.

-After questioning the man at the hideout, the only way to tie up this loose end was to eliminate the watcher, Vinnie did so without informing any of the other members as he knew Endy wouldn’t have dealt well with that on his conscience.

-From there a meeting was set with Mr. Johnson and their business was completed. Vinnie felt during this meeting that the appearance of this Johnson wasn’t what it seemed. He acted as though he were a foppish newbie, but in all reality he seemed to have a real sense of business and professionalism that was under what Vinnie had come to determine was an act. The runners went above and beyond their course of duty bringing back not only schematics but a prototype of the hardware the interested parties were looking for. Beyond that they took several other high tech pieces of hardware to be fenced through Kreetle, one of Vinnie’s contacts, and the one piece of leftover tech was taken to a contact gained from Carlos by the name of ( Can’t Remember his name: large orc, lived in squaller but was obviously BIG TIME). In exchange for the SOTA tech he was going to do some digging on our Mr. Johnson and get us some information. We aren’t positive, so we want to eliminate the possibility that he may have been involved with the corp enforcers sent to take us out at Angel’s place.

-From here we move on to see who may be after us, and what this tech may have been that has drawn so much heat.

Vinnie Cap

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