Elven Moon Shaman


Moon Shaman (MitS, p. 157)

  • Body: 3
  • Quickness: 3
  • Strength: 3
  • Charisma: 7
  • Intelligence: 4
  • Willpower: 5
  • Essence: 6
  • Magic: 7
Active Skills
  • Negotiation:4
  • Etiquette:3
    • Etiquette (Tyr-na-nOg):5
  • Survival:1
  • Enchanting:1
    • Enchanting (Artificing):3
  • Fiddle:2
  • Centering:1
  • Clubs:2
  • Conjuring:6
  • Sorcery:5
Knowledge Skills
  • Talismongering: 2
  • Spirit Lore: 5
  • Arcane Lore: 5
  • Tir-na-nOg History: 4
  • Law: 5
  • Herbalism: 4
  • Gaelic: 3
  • Gaelic Read/Write: 2
  • Eireann – Sperethiel: 2
  • Eireann – Sperethiel Read/Write: 1
  • English: 2
  • English Read/Write: 1

Endymion – {ĕn--mē-ən} masculine verb – a beautiful young man, loved by the moon.

Character Background

Phinneas Seamus O’Kennedy was born on 21/08/2041 in the small town of Nellis, which lies 15 miles north of Limeric on the Munster/Connaught border. He was born the only child of Steven and Sara O’Kennedy. His father Steven happens to be the younger brother of Seamus O’Kennedy, the “face” of the 2034 coup of what is now Tír na nÓg. As an awakened Tuatha de Dannan he was pre-destined for greatness. Both his parents and his Uncle Seamus had high hopes for the boy’s future.

His education began at home, learning proper etiquette for court and formal gatherings. When Phinneas came of age(9) he began classes at Ennis Academy. He excelled in all of his studies and went above and beyond the assigned work. He delved headfirst into all his assignments and learned everything he could about the subjects. He also picked up several extra curricular activities including theater, and playing the fiddle.

Endymion recently donated 40,000 Nuyen to the Sinsearach elves as a form of apology for the trouble that they’d suffered at the hands of those searching for him.


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