Franklin Andrews

Lone Star plainclothes cop who works in Pullayup


Franklin is one of a minority of Lone Star officers in the Seattle Metroplex in that he is not originally from the UCAS. Born and raised in the Athabascan Council, near the borders of Tsimshian, his mother and father were a logging machine operator and a civil engineer, respectively. His mother’s anglo heritage was a point of some difficulty in his childhood, but her skills in operating different types of machinery in a vital and very sensitive industry earned her enough respect to smooth out the worst of the potential issues. When Tsimshian’s logging industry began to encroach on AC’s border, there began a long and drawn-out conflict that teetered between corporate espionage, eco-terrorism, and military special ops, depending on the week in question. Tsimshian contractors, eager to clear fresh new acreage, pushed as close as they could to the border with AC, while the much more environmentally-conscious Athabascan’s did what they could to sabotage the destructive efforts on the Tsimshian side of the border.

The Andrews family got caught in the middle of all of this, doing their level best to preserve their own livelihoods and the very ecosystem that provided their careers. As a result, they were drawn into regular situations of low-grade sabotage and had to learn how to follow the currents of the ongoing conflict and how to train their eyes to see potential dangers in the old-growth forests in which they lived. Franklin’s education in these matters would give him a thirst for solving mysteries, and his anger at the injustice of the Tsimshian’s encroachments drove him to work in law enforcement. He initially hoped to become an officer in the Athabascan Council Investigative Bureau, but the ACIB only accepted full tribe members into any sensitive federal position, so he was forced to look elsewhere for employment. Lone Star was only too happy to employ him.

Franklin Andrews works as a plainclothes officer in the detective bureau of Lone Star Seattle’s operations, in the 4th precinct. The 4th is the central precinct for the Pullayup district, and his cases take him all throughout this region of the city.

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Franklin Andrews

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