Former ganger blademaster ninja runner

ESS 5.8

Unarmed Combat | 3
Edged Weapons | 4
Cyber-Implant Combat | 4
(Retractable Hand Razors) | (6)
Polearms/Staffs | 5
(Polearm) | (7)
Throwing Weapons | 4
Stealth | 6
Etiquette | 4
(Street) | (6)
Bike | 4
Intimidation | 4
Negotiation | 3

Survival Knife
Throwing Knives (x5)
Armor Jacket
Wire Cutters
Silver Grade Rating 4 Credstick

Improved Retractable Hand Razors – .2

Suzuki Aurora (w/ upgraded Suspension)

Razorhead Ganger (Lvl 2)
Undercover Cop (Lvl 1)
Carlos Broadhead (Lvl 1)

Residences (Lifestyles)
3811 96th Ave East, Pullayup (Middle)

Edges & Flaws
Code of Honor +3—Has rigid rules of conduct that she will not violate, even when it is to her own detriment (bushido)
  1. Will not undertake violence against one who has not first attacked or made obvious their intent to attack her
  2. Will not strike a clearly defeated, defenseless, or yielding foe
  3. Will not disobey, defy, or allow to be harmed if it can be prevented, one to whom she has pledged herself vassal.

Character must pass a Will (6) test to overcome this code at any point if under duress to do so, and will suffer a +1 to all target numbers until amends is made (to GM discretion) or two weeks, whichever is shorter.


“Guns are for the weak. A true warrior takes the blade.” This is the mantra by which Lola (aka “Fox”) lives her life. Orphaned at the age of nine, she was adopted and raised by a Puyallup cell of the Razorheads go-gang.

Lola’s small size and fragile-seeming appearance tend to make her opponents underestimate her abilities. She soon teaches them to fear seeing her favorite weapon, a six-foot long polearm with a wickedly curved blade. Many a go-gang member has “lost his head” at the sight of her whipping it through the air from the back of her Suzuki Aurora. Like all of her “family”, Lola abhors ranged weaponry, instead preferring to use the blade as her weapon of choice.

Recently Lola has left the family nest (much to the dismay of her Razorhead brethren) to seek her fortunes in the shadows. No longer content with fighting an ongoing war with gun runners and Yakuza, she struck out on her own picking up jobs here and there. She still maintains contact within the Razorheads; reporting back information on gun deals and other pertinent information as she comes across it. This helps to prevent repercussions from her leaving the gang as well as keep her in contact with her “family” as much as she can.

Lola is short, even for an elf, and has a natural agility that would make world-class gymnasts green with jealousy. Since she left the Razorheads, she has grown her hair out and keeps it a dark red to mask the presence of her gang scalp tattoos. She wears special contacts to hide her unusual eye color (one green, one purple), only removing them among those rare few she trusts implicitly.

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