Paranoid but highly skilled fringe surgeon




Laramie is hiding from someone…or maybe everyone. It’s hard to tell which. Those who have the distinctly unique “privilege” of having him in their list of numbers to call are well-versed in his many layers of removal from public. Meetings are arranged through a series of exchanges and changed instructions, and he rarely seems to be set up in the same place twice. People put up with this paranoia because Laramie is a very talented cybersurgeon.

Some runners have no other contacts with any medical skill, but those tend to cultivate other docs for basic patch jobs. People don’t come to Laramie to get a trauma patch slapped on a knife wound. They seek him out when they want a grade 3 wired reflex system installed that’s going to put their central nervous system into a state of suspended seizure for the rest of their life.

Few people know where Laramie received his initial training nor why he’s so afraid of everyone and everything, but it’s a safe bet that whomever invested the time and money into his training is probably looking for him.


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