Gang leader of the Kabuki Ronin


One of the few female gang leaders among the major gangs in Seattle, Rakuno secured her place at the head of this strange gang by being fearless in bike combat and possessing virtually no restraint when it comes to violence. She first entered the ranks of the gang as some street banger’s arm decoration, but it became quickly apparent that she was using him as a mere stepping stone. More than a few members of the Kabuki Ronin felt the edge of her blade as a response to unwanted sexual advances, and she proved a valuable asset during the gang’s all-out war to break away from their yakuza ties in ‘44.

Rakuno rides her customized Suzuki CR-42 like a demon from Japanese legend, often fighting with weapons in each hand as she steers with her knees into the midst of a turf fight. It was she who first broached the uneasy alliance that they share with the Scatterbrains, and some have whispered (though never when she is around) that they are unsure in which gang she truly belongs. She is known to be fickle and capricious with her subordinates, but fair and relatively rational when dealing with those she views as her equals. For anyone who wants to do business on the Everett docks, she is someone you want to know.


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