Carl Pewtrowski


Carl grew up in Seattle in one of the few areas of the city where various metahuman races existed in relative peace with one another. It was a small, tight-knit neighborhood in Southern Everett, only a few blocks that maintained a “neighborhood” identity and wherein the residents looked out for one another. The informal Neighborhood Watch that grew out of this community kept the crime rate low and most of the gangs out through solidarity and working-class muscle. Carl’s father was a robotics mechanic and a fairly tough customer, and Carl grew according to his dad’s template. After years of policing his own neighborhood, it seemed only natural for Carl to apply for Lone Star after he got out of school, and he’s never looked back.

A working-class alumnus, Carl has never forgotten his roots, and he bends or even breaks company protocols whenever he feels he needs to in order to see that justice is properly carried out for the people he is supposed to protect. Although he’s a fairly nondescript man at first glance, neither small nor large, he has decades of experience with confronting people and trying to defuse potentially violent situations. He has a penetrating stare that is usually capable of backing down all but the surliest of criminals and potential adversaries.

Carl now is part of the detective bureau in the Seattle branch of the Star, working plainclothes investigations most of the time.

Carl Pewtrowski

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