Eddie Phoenix

Ork street samurai


Eddie is a semi-retired, highly skilled street samurai who has been running the Seattle shadow scene for over a decade, a massive amount of time for a runner in that city and a number of years that puts an ork into near-venerable age. Eddie put years worth of income directly back into his body, enhancing his metabolism, musculature, and skeleton, and filling his rugged body with as much cyberware as he could without turning himself into a cyberzombie. Cascade orks have more than the usual number of dermal deposits, making them more lumpy and unpleasant looking than even other orks. Eddie is ugly even amongst Cascades. He wears his brutish appearance as a badge of honor.

He’s brash, but very good-tempered with companions. His enhanced metabolism forces him to eat constantly, and he is pretty slovenly. He listens to troll metal almost all the time and spends a good deal of his free time tinkering with his van, which he has outfitted with a good deal of tech gear that he’s stolen, traded for, and scavenged throughout the past several years.

In combat, speed is Eddie’s primary advantage. Though he is extremely powerful in melee combat and highly trained in several types of firearms, his primary advantage comes in being able to get multiple attacks off before most opponents have even shifted their weight.

The BaBY crew was put into touch with Eddie by Carlos Broadhead, and he agreed to help them try to find some information on the Mister Johnson who they believe double-crossed them. For a price, of course.

Eddie Phoenix

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