Human mage initiate


Level 1 Initiate Hermetic Mage


Chain-smoking hermetic mage, Kohen is a very serious magical practicioner. After a brief incarnation as a shadowrunner using his real name rather than a handle, Kohen acquired a patron and mentor who opened the world of initiated magic. Casting aside the trappings of “shadowunner style,” he became a deeply focused student of the deeper mysteries of the astral world. Now he chooses the jobs he takes based on the knowledge he may gain or the mystical artifacts and assets he may acquire. As his new obsession with his research has cut into his “work,” he has begun operating as a low-level fixer on the side for an extra stream of income.

Tattoos of arabic calligraphy line both sides of his face from temple to jawbone.

Carries a walking staff with a massive opal gem in its head.


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