Japanese Bear Shapeshifter


Wu has been recently involved in a war of sorts against [[The Crimson Crush | The Crimson Crush]] ork gang.

He is, as labeled, a bear shapeshifter of Japanese identity. Like all shapeshifters, he is extremely feral, being an awakened intelligent animal rather than an awakened humanoid that assumes animal forms. Wu sees the tech trade of [[The Crimson Crush | The Crimson Crush]] as intolerably “wrong” and as such, deems that they need to go. In his simple, animal terms, this is handled with force. The nearby community respects and admires Wu’s efforts to clear the gangs from their neighborhood, but even they understand that there has to be a balance. Also, Wu’s methods are somewhat indiscriminate, and large amounts of damage have been done to personal property during his tirades.

The turf that is being disputed between Wu and [[The Crimson Crush | The Crimson Crush]] gang is the Lake Forest Park area in Snohomish.


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