Alonzo Realto

anglo human owner-proprieter of Al's Place


Alonzo Realto is a man stuck into the shadowrunner community somewhat against his will. He worked on the docks in Everett for a 18 years, and always dreamed of getting a pension and owning his own bar to wind down his retirement. When he bought an empty piece of property on the border of Tacoma and Auburn and turned it into Al’s Place, he never imagined that its location would turn it into a low-key shadowrunner bar. Its proximity to highways in several directions and position near the border of Lone Star response sectors makes it a convenient location, and Al’s no-nonsense attitude and finely tuned lack of curiosity he developed from years on the docks make runners warm to him instantly. The layout of the place is simple, but nice for meetings, and Al has never required payment for those holding meetings there. That having been said, those in the know in the runner community usually give Al a REALLY nice tip if they use his place for a piece of biz that goes well for them.

Al is a broad-shouldered guy who usually stands a bit hunched over. His hands are enormous, and knobby from being broken several times. He keeps a flechette shotgun under the bar, and a pair of tire irons over it, crossed like a pair of swords.

Alonzo Realto

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