Building a Better Yesterday

The Story So Far

Or, what I currently remember

Each of the four runners in the party, none of whom know each other at this point, are called by their shared contact, the fixer Carlos Broadhead. He informs them that he has been approached about a job that seems fairly simple and doable with a small crew. Since none of the runners in question had a regular crew they ran with, he was building a group himself with a variety of skills for what appeared to be a milk run.

The group was directed to meet their employer for details about the job at Dante’s Inferno, which they did. The employer turned out to be a very unusual and eccentric Mister Johnson, accompanied by his bodyguard Compress. Despite the Johnson’s eccentricities, he was able to outline the terms of the offer.

The job was to steal the plans for an experimental prototype in a laboratory hidden over a computer storefront called The SOTA Shoppe. There was supposed to be minimal security and the job paid 15,000 Nuyen. The team accepted the job. After a small amount of reconnaisance, the team determined that they should be able to gain entry through a rear entrance, and planned to do so the following night.

The next evening, the team gained entry through the rear entrance they had identified and were able to gain entry into a lab located up a stairway behind the publicly accessible storefront. Once inside, it was clear that the lab was the place they sought, and Mindcrime went to work on the computer systems in the lab while the rest of the team ransacked the lab. They stole not only the files for the prototype, but also a good deal of hardware they found stashed around the lab and also in the display cases in the store below. They destroyed much of the lab before leaving.

Endymion acted as the spokesperson for the group, contacting Johnson almost immediately, and they set up a meeting at Crusher 495 to exchange the files for their payment. The handoff went off smoothly several hours later and the team was paid for their efforts.

After receiving their wages for their efforts, the group set about trying to fence the goods they had stolen from the shop and the lab above it, and Vinnie Cap called a street doc contact of his named Kreetle to take a look at the cyber goods they had pilfered and give them an idea of what it might be worth.

While the team awaited a return call from Kreetle, Vinnie got a phone call from Carl Pewtrowski informing him that one of his residences (a primary one) had been trashed, and telling him to watch his back. Similarly, Mindcrime was paged by his tribe, who, when he called them back, told him to keep his distance, as he was a liability to them. Endymion called a contact who told him that the rooftop where he squatted had been compromised, and Angel, agitated by all this news and starving for action, was unable to keep herself from heading home to find out what had become of her own apartment. The team accompanied her for security’s sake, but once they got to the building, they saw that it had just finished burning.

The crew was spotted almost immediately after arriving at the site, and a battle ensued right away, Angel unleashing her brutality without reservation while Endymion tried to calm things down with distraction and confusion. Vinnie and Mindcrime, looking in the building across the street for surveillance teams, found and captured a lookout in an upper floor of the tenement across the street.

As Angel eliminated the people staking out her destroyed home, she and Endymion saw that they were being reinforced by much more formidable soldiers of some kind from down the block. As those two dealt with the reinforcements, Vinnie and Mindcrime interrogated the lookout, finding out that he knew almost nothing. He worked for a company called Seattle Security and Surveillance (SSS), and his instructions were only to keep an eye open for Angel to show up at the house, and to call a contact number if she showed up.

Angel managed to dispatch the guards while Endymion ran interference, much to his chagrin, and the four made their escape before Lone Star first responders arrived at the scene. The group retreated to one of Vinnie Cap’s bolthole apartments to recoup and review their situation.

After getting a call back from Kreetle, the group met with him to go over the gear they had stolen. One of the pieces he identified as very bleeding-edge wetware worth a truckload of nuyen if one could find a buyer. The team promised Kreetle a portion of the goods for free if he could arrange a buyer for the high-end piece.


Endymion contacted Carlos on the team’s behalf, and he told them that he had heard about the assaults on each of them. He assured them that he was not involved in double crossing them and agreed when they asked him to dig up any information he could about Mister Johnson or Compress. The group chose to believe Carlos, and settled in to wait out the situation and hopefully gain more information.

Angel accompanied Mindcrime to a Stuffer Shack with a public telecom point to guard his meatbod while he jacked in to search for info and contact his tribe. He informed the tribe that he would be dropping them a certified credstick with some cash to help make up for the trouble that he’d caused them and did what digging he could on the entities they’d dug up. They managed to find out that the phone contact that the SSS operative had was for Daniel Etsu, and that he worked for Blazing Horizons, a company none of them had ever heard of. They hit something of a brick wall going any further than that, however.

Kreetle came through with a deal for them on the goods they were trying to fence, getting them some capital to get them by while they were holed up. Vinnie used his contact Rakuno to dispose of his car and get a pair of replacement vehicles.

Carlos contacted the team and informed them that he had located a runner who had once worked with their Johnson, by the name of Eddie Phoenix. He had agreed to meet with them for a small fee and tell them what he knew about Johnson and Compress. The crew went to Phoenix’s place, and he told them that although the Johnson acts like a fool, he’s actually quite astute and is simply acting a part to make people underestimate him. Also, he knew that Compress was former Sioux Wildcats, and a tough asset. He offered, for a further fee, to use his own network of contacts to see if he could dig up any more information on their situation. The crew accepted the offer.



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