Building a Better Yesterday

Chapter 4: On Foreign Ground

Two if by sea...

Once on land, the raft was deflated and stashed in some underbrush. Before setting out, the crew waited while Endymion used his magic to make their appearance more favorable before they set off into the city. His efforts were successful on all but himself and Fox. The group made off up through the dune grass to the city edge on Carlisle Street, where they saw how the coastal flora blended into the copses of trees bordering the roads. The group managed to sneak out amongst the shadows of the forested areas and merge out seamlessly with the foot traffic. Endymion called Reno’s and asked them to inform Nelson Brand that his guests might be running a few minutes late, but would be arriving shortly. They successfully hid their duffel bag full of weapons in the rail station locker and took a wagon-cab to the restaurant.

Their names were on the reservation list, and they were admitted and let to their table immediately. Nelson Brand showed up shortly thereafter with a minotaur bodyguard. Food was ordered and details of the case discussed. Meimei disappeared a month ago from Chicago while recording the new album, along with her driver and bodyguard. The car was found burned to a husk in the Shattergraves. Band has a contract to hold off on payment of the inheritance of Dunkelzahn’s will unless all four of the current members are present and sign off on agreement of the completion of the current album. No motive obvious from basic information provided. Reno Pyatt came to the table to thank Nelson Brand for coming into the restaurant and to hobnob with him.

A former acquaintance of Angel’s recognized her on his way out of the restaurant, and Fox, Mindcrime, and Vinnie Cap all noticed him noticing her. Nelson Brand’s bodyguard noticed them noticing him. He created a diversion by faking a poisoning/allergic reaction, vomiting and collapsing on his table, and being ostentatious enough to attract all the attention from people rushing to leave the restaurant. The man who spotted Angel clearly scanned Mindcrime and Fox on his way out of the building. Fox attempted to knock over some people in the crowd filing out of the restaurant to slow him up, but he was dexterous enough to avoid being tripped up and left with his other three companions right away. Angel fled out the back while the rest of the party left through the front exit.

The group met up again near the rail station, where Vinnie Cap retrieved their duffel bag from the locker. The crew made their way back up the block the way they had first come. They slipped through the small woodsy area near the edge of the seaside that bordered the city block and made their way towards the place where they had secured their raft. As they crested the high dune before the descent to the beach, Endymion was struck with some sort of attack. The party rallied reflexively, and saw that one border/harbor patrolman stood down at the shoreline where their raft was secured, and another was a short way south of them on a lower dune down the beachhead. Angel and Fox charged the man near their raft, who was firing at them from some sort of burst fire firearm, and Angel halved him with her monowhip. Vinnie Cap took careful aim at the other man while something just missed Endymion with a follow-up attack, and managed to place a tremendous shot directly between the eyes.

In the aftermath of the brief battle, the team quickly reinflated their boat and made their rendezvous with the Kabuki Ronin boat, which took them safely back to Seattle.



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