Building a Better Yesterday

Chapter 3: Big Biz

Where's MeiMei?

On the morning of August 10, 2060, Carlos Broadhead contacted the team again, informing them that he had another job to offer them, and that it was a hefty step up from their previous assignments. It was a “skip trace” job, to locate a missing rocker girl named Meimei Tiger from the band Shield Wall. Carlos gave them a contact number for Nelson Brand, the band’s agent.

Usually based in Calfree, Brand is currently in Tir Tairngire, and agreed to meet them at 7 pm on Sunday (the 12th of August) at Reno’s.

Angel contacted Eddie Phoenix in search of a reputable trainer in the use of a monowhip. Eddie gave her the name Doc Sirianni, a human who lives and operates in the Seattle Ork Underground.

Endymion contacted his uncle Seamus O’Kennedy to ask if he could obtain legitimate identity papers so that they could enter Tir Tairngire legally. He promised to see what he could do, and later sent a watcher spirit requesting the pertinent data on the group of people Endymion wanted to “smuggle” into the country.

Mindcrime contacted Spiral to call in the mainframe time he was owed, and began the arduous project of designing and programming a Skillsoft for himself.

Vinnie Cap planned to contact Rakuno in an attempt to arrange transportation to Portland.

On the morning of August 11, Seamus O’Kennedy contacted Endymion on his cell phone to tell him that the O’Connors had somehow learned of his efforts to obtain legal access into Tir Tairngire and had scuttled his plans. He was unsure if this action was a play against him, or against Endymion personally. He gave his well wishes and apology, but said that he would be unable to assist.

As the group continued to discuss alternate means of access into Tir Tairngire, Angel got bored and stormed out in search of the trainer Doc Sirianni, who supposedly lived in the Ork Underground. Knowing no orks or really anyone, and lacking in virtually any sort of social graces, she simply began accosting pedestrians in Renton and demanding that she tell them where the Ork Underground was located. When a group of three gangers approached her threateningly, she quickly demonstrated what a mistake it would be for them to attack her, and one of them eagerly told her about a way to get into the Underground. She headed towards this rumored entry point.

Meanwhile, Mindcrime was slotting chips given to him by Skag and researching random data about Tir Tairngire and Shield Wall. Endymion decided to speak to the Sinsearach elves with whom he has until recently squatted to see if they had any way to get he and his companions into Tir Tairngire, and recruited Vinnie Cap to drive him out near the border of Salish-Sidhe, to a porous border location where he knew he could probably cross.

As they headed north, Angel made her way to the location she was given for an entrance into the Ork Underground. The location was simple to find, and she made her way down into the tunnels to what was obviously the right location, only to find that she really didn’t know how to find Doc Sirianni even after she’d gotten there. After a short while of wandering, she encountered a troll who offered to trade her his knowledge of the best way to get to the part of the Underground where Doc Sirianni could be found for one of her Ares Predators. She grudgingly accepted.

Vinnie Cap got Endymion to the location he was searching for in their wagon, and waited with the vehicle while Endymion headed to the border on foot. While the shaman negotiated his way past some spirit sentries and familiar border patrolmen, Vinnie Cap let his impetuous nature get the best of him and called Carlos Broadhead. In an overtired, bored, and frustrated ramble, he proceeded to essentially ask the fixer for tips on how to get into Tir Tairngire, to which Carlos Broadhead responded that he was not in the business of planning border crossings, and in fact that was specifically why Vinnie Cap and his teammates were getting paid. He questioned whether they were confident that they could complete the job, and asked if they would need additional personnel, to which Vinnie Cap replied that they were fully capable of making good on the job and needed no additional assistance. The call ended uneasily. Meanwhile, Endymion was located by Sinsearach scouts who had been informed of his presence by watcher spirits, and they inquired as to his reasons for coming to them, reminding them that he had been asked not to return. He assured them that he was merely visiting, and asked them if it would be possible for them to arrange entry into Tir Tairngire for he and his party. They were skeptical about his motives, and seemed unsure if they were willing, much less able to fulfill the request. They were clearly still uneasy about Endymion since the attacks they had suffered by those searching for him, although they did thank him for the reparation offering of Nuyen he had sent to them and said that they would have to see what they could do, or would do in the future in regards to their relationship with him. They informed him that they would contact him if they were able to help. Endymion returned to the vehicle and he and Vinnie Cap headed back to the city.

Angel, on her way back to the group’s apartments, called Carlos Broadhead about obtaining a replacement for her recently-traded pistol, and was surprised to find that he began inquiring about the group’s progress on their assignment. She assured him that to the best of her knowledge, Endymion was securing their border passage while Vinnie Cap was arranging transportation and Mindcrime was still gathering intelligence. The fixer inquired if she thought they would need additional help to complete the job, to which she responded that she did not. He told her that he would have her pistol in about four hours, and they terminated the call.

Vinnie Cap, on the way back to the city, got a call from Rakuno, who said that she would be able to get them to a spot off the coast of the Tir, and offload them in a low-signature raft, and then pick them back up at a later time to be predetermined. She also told them that she could offer, for a substantial additional fee, a “distraction” for the harbor guards to be occupied with during the time when the group would be hitting the shore, to help them more easily penetrate the border. Vinnie thanked her and told her that he would get back to her.

Angel took the Jackrabbit and left for the location given to her by the troll in the Ork Underground, an abandoned tenement building in the Redmond Barrens. She found the entrance easily enough, and once into the tunnels below, was quickly able to locate the small area that served as Doc Sirianni’s dojo. After a brief and tense exchange, Angel lost her temper and struck one of the students present. Before she knew what happened, she had been knocked unconscious and was being helped up to her feet. Doc Sirianni told her that he could not teach her to use the monowhip unless she could first learn patience. He would teach her patience if she desired, and if/when he became satisfied that she had learned it to his satisfaction, he would move into instructing her in the use of the whip. She grudgingly agreed, and began immediately by assuming a stationary pose and holding it for a very long time. Before returning home after her training session, she met with a courier of Carlos Broadhead’s who took payment for her replacement pistol and gave her the new Ares Predator III.

The group reconvened later at their apartment, and everyone agreed to use Rakuno’s services to sneak into the Tir, paying the additional funds for the diversion on the Tir docks. They concluded that they should bring in some additional “muscle” in the form of another runner, particularly one of elven descent who was skilled in stealth tactics. They decided to go to Dante’s Inferno in an attempt to hire another runner, opting not to involve Carlos Broadhead so that they could assuage his doubts in their abilities by handling it alone. After waiting for over an hour to gain entry (finally gaining entry around 4 pm), they realized that they really had no idea how to go about hiring another shadowrunner, and when they reached a standstill in their progress, Angel called Carlos Broadhead in a fit of frustration to take him up on his offer to gain them additional help. He gave her a phone number, which she immediately dialed.

Fox, the newly-contacted runner, was instructed to meet them at Dante’s Inferno so that they could make contact and discuss the job. In due time, she arrived and located the group. They rented a meeting room and explained the gist of the job to her, ending with their plan to use the water transport to reach Tir Tairngire the following evening. After her acceptance of the offer to join for an equal share of the take (less expenses), the group left Dante’s Inferno to head to The Drunken Stag for dinner and an evening of leisure before departing the following night.

The remainder of the evening passed largely without incident. The crew gathered at dock ## the following afternoon at 4 pm, met by an escort of Rakuno’s gangers. They were swiftly loaded onto a small, fast ship, which disembarked almost immediately. While on the boat, Endymion summoned a water spirit to assist them in their insertion. At a specific GPS coordinate, the ship stopped and offloaded the crew into a small inflatable raft with a minimal amount of gear. The spirit did what it could to help conceal the group as they made their way to a landing point just north of the main dockyard. The crew could hear the diversion they had paid Rakuno for in the distance, and made it to shore without any incident.


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Chapter 3: Big Biz

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Chapter 3: Big Biz

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Chapter 3: Big Biz

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