Building a Better Yesterday

Chapter 2: After the Whirlwind

Ork street gang meets werebear. What can go wrong?

Carlos Broadhead contacted the group to see if they had any new information and to see if they were looking to continue laying low or if they wanted some more work. The group agreed that as long as they did their best to keep their profile low that they should indeed take work if they could get it. Carlos put them onto a small job organizing and mediating a truce between the Crimson Crush gang cell operating in the Lake Forest Park area of western Redmond and a local vigilante known simply as “Wu”. The group accepted the job, and was given information on how to contact a gang representative named Max and the name of a restaurant named Feng Kwai Do where the group would find a man acting as a representative of the actual “client” for the job and information about Wu.

In short order, the team located Feng Kwai Do, a noodle shop on 226th Ave. and located within it a Japanese man of extreme age named Haru, who filled them in on the details of the job. Wu was also present in the shop, and Endymion was able to immediately recognize that Wu was a werebear. The client was revealed to be a group of local businesses and residents of the neighborhood who had pooled their funds in order to put a stop to the recent violence between the gang and Wu. Haru explained painstakingly in broken English that Wu had a strong instinctual opposition to anything related to cyberware. The Crimson Crush deal primarily in stolen and reused cyberware sales and BTL chips, and most of them have some sort of cyberware themselves, which makes Wu view them as partially dead and largely beneath contempt.

The battles between Wu and the gang have caused large amounts of damage to local businesses and homes. In his enraged feral state, Wu hardly notices collateral damage, and the gang has obviously suffered financial setbacks due to the loss of life and business, so they are willing to try to work out a compromise. As the team gathered information from Haru, they learned that Wu insisted on any meeting with gang members being conducted outside of the neighborhood and that no more than ten gangers be in attendance. He also volunteeered to arrange for two or three people from the neighborhood who were accustomed to communicating with Wu to go along and communicate on his behalf.

The team spoke with Max, also, who stated that the gang’s terms were that the meeting be held within the city, but outside their own turf, and that a barrier be in place between Wu and their members.

The group “slept on” the situation, discussing options in part that evening and then throughout the next day, finally agreeing on a plan to use two abandoned buildings in the Barrens near Lake Forest Park to facilitate the meeting. The gang members would be taken to the top of one building, and Wu and his representative to the roof of the neighboring building. The team hired a pair of chauffeured vans to pick up the separate parties and take them to their respective buildings without warning, giving them no time to react if they intended to attempt a double-cross. The Crimson Crush were only able to muster eight gang members in the hour they were allotted before their ride arrived, and Haru was only able to roust one young boy to go along with Wu, a young teenage boy named Gao.

The team piled into their Chrysler-Nissan Tensuro and drove by the location that Max had named as their pickup point, an auto parts store called Park’s Parts. As the runners drove past the shop, Endymion astrally projected to keep an eye on the gangers and ensure they didn’t try to overwhelm the driver and bring a larger number of members to attempt a double-cross. The rest of the team proceeded to the locations with his meatbod in the back seat.

Upon their arrival, Vinnie Cap took Endymion’s unconscious body into one building while Angel and Mindcrime took up positions in front of the other building. Once it became clear that the Crimson Crush gangers did not intend anything nefarious, Endymion returned to his body and awaited the arrival of the two vans.

Max and the Crimson Crush gangers arrived at the building where Angel and Mindcrime waited, while Wu arrived at almost the same time at the one next door. The runners escorted their charges up to the rooftops of their respective buildings so that the negotiations could begin. Talks began with some difficulty due to the language problems caused by Wu’s unfamiliarity with human language and Gao being his primary interpreter (not a particularly adept one). After a short time, Endymion began to suggest that the gangers would have to make some concessions in order to make peace, and Mindcrime made a suggestion that Skag and Max were inspired by, and the gangers all retreated back together to discuss their options.

Presently, Max proposed an idea that was an amalgam of Endymion and Mindcrime’s suggestions, with some of his own intrigue thrown in. He stated that the gang would be willing to operate all of their cyberware and chip sales in the neighborhood out of Park Parts, but their protection racket in the neighborhood would have to be enforced by Wu. By that they meant that he would have to keep other syndicates from moving their own business in on the neighborhood when they saw that the Crimson Crush had stopped actively working on the street corners.

Gao and Endymion presented this arrangement to Wu, as best they could in terms that he could understand, and he listened to the language Gao spoke as well as he could while watching Endymion’s astral aura to read his intent. Eventually, he agreed, and the accord was struck.

Carlos was contacted and informed that the job had been completed, and the team requested that a courier meet them at The Drunken Stag at 10:30 pm with their payment. They went there right away, and Donbo recognized Vinnie Cap immediately. The group got drinks and celebrated the successful completion of their job while they waited for their payment to show up. Donbo responded warmly to having another Tir native to speak to in Endymion, and he played his fiddle to entertain the crowd. The courier arrived right on time and delivered their credstick, and the job was fully completed.



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